The Scrunchies
  Six on the Side
  On the Box
  Rubber Banded Cheetos
  One Armed with a Flannel
  Lean To
  Wedged in a Car Door
  Kitchen Sink
  Appliance Compliance
  Twist Ties
  Shrink Wrapped Stalagmites

Andy Harman (b. 1968, Troy Ohio) lives and works in New York City.   He received his MFA in sculpture from Yale University and a BFA from Kent State University. His work addresses our relationship with objects, more specifically the banal objects that occupy our space in everyday life. Harman removes objects from their original context, detaching them from their interrelational characteristics. Removing their veneer allows him to digest their associations in order to gain a deeper understanding of our relationship to our surroundings, and to address broader notions of consumption and consumerism.  Harman reassembles these objects, interjecting an element of satire and personal history.